Extra Credit – Secret Life of Tumblr Teens

The article on Tumblr, “The Secret Life of Tumblr Teens”, was very interesting and delved into a few of the main problems that I see with our millennial generation. Now I don’t believe that this is reason to generalize our whole generation, but like every generation before us and everyone that is going to come after us, we all have our problems.

The anonymity of tumblr appeals to the character side of every human. On tumblr, there is no real life picture with set descriptions, with the only explanation of each post is given by the anonymous satire provided by the innocuous tumblr teen. This website allows the introverted mass of teens to gain voice and show the world their funny commentary.

Like everything, social media has been engulfed in money making. Every post on almost every popular account on social media can be derived to money. There are reports that even “Lemonade” by Beyonce herself is really only about making money, mostly because the “cheating” that was extremely publicized. Even instagrams of random people that gained a good amount of followers somehow will post product placement in their photos, with a good example being Colton Haynes, who often has products like doritos or coca cola in his photos (I still follow because he’s attractive enough for it haha). Most of the time big celebrities aren’t even in control of their social media, which goes into how social media has created this “fake fame” because not only can ANYONE get famous (alex from target) but a random person can be in control of your favorite social media accounts.

The cool thing tumblr does is that it takes the “image” out of social media and places much more value on the content. It differs way more from traditional social media because of its lack of appeal to physical value of the person and drifts much more towards the intrinsic or personality appeal of people.

With the growing technology age, I believe that there is no stop to the already growing mass of dim witted individuals that idolize nice yachts and small bikinis, but lack the drive to actually attain them. As I go on in my college life I hope to start removing myself from social media because of its trait to impose this feeling that EVERYONE needs to know what you’re doing, because if you didn’t take a pic of coachella on insta, were you even there? Snapchat is already gone and so far I haven’t regretted it yet, with more to come, insta may be next..


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