Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback

Art this semester was a great time, and it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, for example, geocaching, which I ended up really enjoyed doing. My two other favorite art experiences this semester was cuisine and when Marta Troya came and asked us to challenge social norms. Cuisine, was my favorite because I love cooking, and if you give me a reason and a way to get points from it, it’s even better. I really liked Marta’s activity because it forced me to think about how the world is evolving and what traits are going to persevere in this new “technology age”, and which ones are just going to collect dust.

My 3 least favorite activities were the group video, automatic drawing, and moonbase alpha. I didn’t necessarily think they were bad projects, or were unclear, they just didn’t appeal to what I would like to be doing in art. Im a bad actor who hates hearing his own voice on video, so that explains the video haha. It was pretty hard for my partner and I to get the automatic drawing to work and took a pretty long time. And for moonbase, I just couldn’t get my creative writing juices flowing, so that took a lot longer than it needed to.

Feedback – honestly I have really enjoyed this class. It was able to show art in a new light for me, especially when it didn’t keep the projects confined to a pencil and paper drawing type of work. I love thinking about social stigmas and how they affect us daily, and I really felt this class promoted us to challenge them and think about their consequences. Also, the interviews really helped both meet people I would never have met otherwise, along with giving the artist a voice in their art, which showed me that motivation can be shallow or deep, with not one reason being better than the other. Glenn, you were also able to keep the class in a good light and never made it too serious or dreary, which helped motivate me to continue to work for the projects. I’m very thankful that I can be in college and take a class that both accepts me for me and allows to explain all these thoughts I have to box up since I was very young. So, thank you Glenn, for showing how college is a place of free thought where you see every walk of life and everyone can find their own place in the huge art piece we call life.


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