wk13 – Artist Interview – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: Found Objects, Ceramics, Foam

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Nick is an undergraduate senior at CSULB, who is planning on getting his BFA in Ceramics by the end of this year.  Nick comes from Huntington and  in High School, Nick took a ceramics class, which began his motivation for art, particularly ceramics. Experimenting with his art work and letting things flow, is what Nick loves to do most with his art.  Although most of his time is spent working with art, Nick enjoys playing music, with his medium being a guitar.

Nick’s artwork is one of the most creative I have seen thus far, because of both visually, how he entranced the room with his lights, and how he physically used a plethora of objects. With different colored lights such as purple, blue, orange, green, and pink on the sculptures, he was able to completely change the dark atmosphere into a visual of exploding colors.  On top of the lights, the sculptures had different random things on them such as a bell, birdcage, and even a skull.  His art work ranged from different shapes, sizes, and positions that it was angled, all the while making interesting art pieces that affected how the viewer saw the exhibit.

Nick’s art lies in the world of randomness. He uses inspiration that he gets from random spurts of his environment. He was able to combine the most seemingly random objects into a sculpture that controlled the space around it and forced viewers to attempt, however frustratingly, what the sculptures were supposed to portray. To be able to create an art exhibit is pretty incredible by itself, but what Nick did, by creating one completely in the dark and having it be fully functioning (i.e no collisions), is extraordinary.

The artwork that Nick created was very visually pleasing and impressed with his creative flow. I really admired his ability to create his own art, without any worries of being formally “correct” in his pieces. In almost every living moment of my life I try to accomplish the same thing, whether I always achieve it is still unknown, but I am constantly trying to do everything that “Jackson Bursch” would do or think.


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