wk13 – Art Experience – ACP

This week’s art experience was very interesting and was more interpersonal, or people related than it was about the physical art. Sadly, the address I got had no name, so I was unable to find them on the roster, but I went with some pretty universal choices. I believe that in theory and idea, sending an ACP is the same as snapchat, because you are sending a picture that holds an idea. The way ACP and snapchat differ is that it takes a total of 10 seconds to send a snapchat, whereas an ACP has to have more thought and takes more work to send out. Ephemera is a tricky subject because it depends on both the person and society, because an item’s intrinsic worth only pertains to the person, while the monetary worth is decided by how important society views it. I believe art is art and there is no way to attach a “value”, mostly because of the quote, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure”. ACP takes more time, and therefore starts out with a higher “love” value, but a snapchat can hold almost any kind of information, so it really depends whats in what and who is sending what. First off, I went with the arsenal keychain cause I love arsenal. Then I sent my favorite, unopened, burts bees chapstick, because who doesn’t love burts bees??? Lastly, I sent a sword with a skull and bones on it, mostly because thats how I feel about todays current events. A lot of bad is happening in the world right now, whether its war, terrorists, or deranged politicians, and I believe that the sword is a good precursor to what is going to happen if we don’t start doing something about it all.IMG_3015.JPG


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