wk12 – Classmate Interview


This week I interviewed Breezy Hastie. Breezy is an incredibly friendly girl where it doesn’t take much to start a conversation with, luckily enough for my interview. Breezy is a sophomore at CSULB, majoring in fashion with a minor in economics. Right about now in Econ 302 she admits that she is regretting just a tad the extra minor, but her motivation for fashion keeps her studious. Breezy loves sports, especially soccer, although she hasn’t played much since she left high school. Breezy explains that one of the most defining moments of her college career was when she joined greek, Delta Gamma specifically. Now she is in control of recruitment and couldn’t be more happy with the position she’s in, however, she does want to run for president of her sorority next year. Some of breezy’s favorite things to do include arts and crafts (duh she’s in a sorority), netflixing with some wine in hand of course ;), and being with her sisters. If she could travel anywhere, Breezy would go to Greece, because of its warm weather, amazing beaches, and attractive people.


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