wk12 – Art Experience – Geocaching


This art experience was quite fun and easy for me, since I live within viewing distance of Belmont Shore, where there is a lot of geocaches. The Geocache I found wasn’t very hard to discover because of the helpful hints I was given (i.e If you’re “board” just keep walking until you see the tide king (the moon)).  I decided to have a nice little walk, so I placed my geocache at the opposite end of where I found one. I’ve done Geocaching before with my parents, and I love it because of how it changes the dynamic of how you see a city. Normally, we use treasure maps in places like the jungle or uninhabited wilderness, whereas, geocaching kinda turns the city into a treasure map.

Hint! : When you feel like you’re going down the wrong path, just wait, because what you seek lies behind the next corner ;).

My Geocache – 33.758517, -118.147035

LivLikeJay’s Geocache – 33.750783, -118.129274


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