wk11 – Activity with Marta Troya

This activity was interesting and definitely made me think. However, with some of the ideas Marta was promoting, I don’t know if I quite agreed with them. My background as a computer science major influences how I see technology and the benefits that come with it, so let that bias be known. Personally, I do not see a problem with how the library has changed in recent decades. Computers do more, with less space, and can access an infinite amount of information more than a singular book. Now… I do not believe books should be wiped out of our lives (as a book lover myself), but I do believe that in a space where students are expected to be as efficient as possible, so should their tools of accessing information. The library has always been known as a place of study, even when there were only books, and I feel that some people hang on to certain aspects without realizing that, to move forward, you have to sacrifice. Books should more and more start leaning towards leisure time, and even possibly completely onto computers (we have like 40% of our rainforests now I think). Especially with the more money invested in computers and as time goes on they will be more and more accessible (as if they’re not already, look how many laptops you see in the library today). The bookstore follows the same principles, as students have found books to be less and less efficient they gravitate towards computers. Along with the fact that it is one of the few stores on campus that sells apparel and school supplies. In Conclusion, I agree with Marta’s project in LOOKING at the changes that are currently happening in society, but I do not agree with seeing these changes as bad or worse than how society was before. Although, I believe that as we advance we will have to balance technology and nature, the balance is not going to come from the dead paper weight, books.





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