So basically, I’m just going to blog about my whole experience there, going city by city and experience by experience. I can’t guarantee this will be G-rated, but since I’m making a disclaimer it’s alright, right?

Plane ride – I had this super good brownie before the plane ride, which, along with a shit ton of food, put me to sleep for quite literally the whole 12-14 hours of traveling time. We left at 11pm, so it was a red eye and allowed us to wake up in Costa Rica refreshed. However, we were not expecting the mass of 30 people awaiting our arrival at the first hostel in Arenal.

Arenal – The Arenal hostel was something out of a fantasy book. Pool with a bar, hammocks for chilling, cheap drinks, and way too many good friends. It finally hit me.. We had a group of 48 people, a lot of them being my best friends, in Costa Fucking Rica, and everybody was ready to have a good time. A few hours after we got to Arenal, we were already off to a 5 star Hotel and Hot springs, which left me more relaxed and happy than I have ever been, especially since they had an amazing buffet. Sadly, I got sick the first night, which I think was from some tap water I drank at the San Jose airport. But by the second day I was feeling just peachy, and ready to adventure. We went to the La Fortuna waterfall and the place had me lost for words, but the picture will do the place no justice. Everybody jumped in and swam around for a good 30-45 mins, and quite a few people (including me) were able to go behind the waterfall and take some pretty sick pictures. We made it back to the hotel in time for happy hour, and I couldn’t tell you much after that ;). Early the next morning we were off to Monteverde!

Monteverde – The drive and boat ride to Monteverde was straight from a scene in a movie. We started with a boat ride across Lake Arenal, accompanied by a weird masseuse that liked our vibe, he seemed to be stuck in the late nineties/early two-thousands. Boating through jungle where you can see crazy birds and what I claim to be a sloth (could have been a branch), really expands the idea of what I thought the world was. After the boat ride we got on our 30-40 year old busses, that gave the feeling that it may break down at point in time, and started the 3 hour drive to Monteverde. The drive was beautiful and scaled mountains and cliffs, making me too mesmerized to take enough photos. The highlight in Monteverde was zip lining by far. As a group of around 40 people we zip lined on one of the longest zip lines in the world, in the Costa Rican jungle. It honestly was on of the best experiences in my life. No photo or video could replicate the other-worldly sights that encaptured me during the ride. I could go on writing for days about how beautiful each specific zip line was, but I still don’t think I could do it justice. Everybody was beat that day, so we had a pretty relaxed night in preparation for leaving for Jaco early the next morning.

Jaco – Jaco is where spring break started. The hostel we stayed at was 100 meters from the beach, even though it had it’s own pool. Jaco consisted of drinking, beach, and laughter. Everyone from the trip, all 48, were able to bond in a way that I have never seen before. We became very close and any predispositions washed away with the 86 degree water. After we did so much in the first few days, everybody was okay with just drinking and casually doing whatever the hell we wanted. We had a 21st birthday during Jaco, that was fun. I got tan and kept cool with Daiquiris, I couldn’t exactly ask for much more. We finished our trip at Jaco, with days slowly meshing into each other until we realized we were almost done. Our last day was spent in the city of Manuel Antonio, the land of monkeys.

Manuel Antonio – I was up early this day, for no particular reason and got my free cup of coffee and good food at the bar down stairs. The beginning plan was to leave at 8:30am, but with the amount and quality of hangovers, there was no way that was happening. We ended up getting a shuttle at around 11am and arrived at 12, with the first choice being that we were gonna spend our day on the beach instead of the national forest (everyone was almost completely dead, so walking around the forest was a no go). There was a plethora of scammers, but that’s to be expected in a such a touristy place. I had a daiquiri on the beach and was able to see iguanas and monkeys at the same time, honestly, not much could have gotten better. I was dead, everybody was dead, and reluctantly, we had to go home. Our shuttle for the airport left at 11pm, and with that, one of the most incredible vacations I have had the pleasure to experience, came to an end.



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