Hi, my name’s Oliver. I don’t have much time to talk right – “SHIT”.

A huge green mob had risen from the familiar scenery of the barren moon.

You see, I’m here for a reason – shoots an arrow that leaves a mesmerizing, almost fire work like trail and hits the mob square in the center – my reason is that I have a very handy set of skills, which mostly include my nifty little tool here. *Pulls out a sleek black blow that seems to shine with technological tools* But I’m not perfect, my hand to hand combat is lacking and when it comes to certain situations I really need some help.

Kain is a beautiful girl that helps with the social aspects of a very unsocial moonbase and really keeps the group happy and tight knit. Although sometimes she can be handful and a little useless in tough fights, she’s a much needed person when considering the success of the group.


Lulu the bunny, who is half human half bunny, has the ability to talk to animals, so when we come across the weird space alien animals, she really comes in handy.


Lastly, the moon is not free. Not surprisingly, everything we own is freaking expensive since we live on the moon of all places, right? Thorark is the perfect man to go to when you’re in a tight squeeze and need that extra gold, his interest rates are not cheap though, and outer space is the last place you want to be in debt.


Moonbase Alpha is an incredible experience and definitely a step up from Earth, but sometimes it can be lonely. So my next mission? Super attractive alien prince.



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