wk7 – classmate interview

This week, I was able to interview the beautiful Madison Braverman. Maddy is one of my good friends from the greek community, so I may have a little of a bias ;). Maddy is a second year student that is majoring in Human Development and Minor in Psychology. This wonderful woman believes in making an impact on peoples lives, especially during the crucial schooling years, which is why she wants to be a counselor or something of that sort. Maddy loves to get involved and is constantly busy whether it be Club Volleyball, school in general, or Greek, with the only way she is able to juggle it all is by losing sleep. But she has hacked the system and has found some way to wake up without being a depressed zombie (like me!), although she calls it a bad habit. Maddy also has the burning ambition to travel and is in the midst of planning a eurotrip with some of her best friends from pre school. I was able to give her some advice because of my recent trip to europe and some quick tips on how to have fun, although she probably didn’t need it. I know whatever Maddy chooses to do in life, she’ll be successful because of her overwhelming kindness and ambition, I am thankful for the opportunity to know such a good soul.


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