wk7 – artist interview


I interviewed two artists at one time, (they both were focused on the fabric pieces) but mostly focused on Sovanchan

The two art pieces focused on – one was a fish net looking contraption made by Sovanchan. It had a circular wooden rim with wire going up to a small opening followed by alot of fabric at the end. Alicia’s piece was made out of plastic bags woven together and also laced with aluminum yarn, which represented the pacific coast garbage patch.

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn and Alicia Keyworth

Exhibit: F* ART

Media:Old Plastic bags, steel/aluminum thread/ yarn/ wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @sovanchan @aliciakeyworth

About the artist: Sovanchan was a really cool gal, along with Alicia, and I had the pleasure of talking to them for a good bit. Sovanchan’s parents are immigrants from Cambodia and first moved to Illinois, then later on moving to Long Beach. A fact that I had not previously known is that Long Beach has actually the biggest Cambodian community ANYWHERE other than in Cambodia itself, which I thought was pretty rad. She explained how tight knit the community is, which has its upsides and down, one being that everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone. Which I can relate to, being from a town where my graduating class had 100 students. Sovanchan loves California and the community she’s from, she just wants to make it a community to come back to, rather than stay in full time. Most of her artwork stems from the inspiration from her parents, with some of the metaphors being “used” cloth and other materials to symbolize the immigration struggle.

Content Analysis: I really like the idea of repurposing material, especially in artwork. I feel that it adds another layer of meaning to the pieces and allows the artists to hit different emotions. I enjoyed being able to hear Sovanchan’s story, along with her family’s and hear how it affected her art. Which to me, looks like an old fishing trap from her native land that has long been in the “wrong place” or worn out from being transferred so much.

My Experience: It was a very good time getting to talk to these artists one on one and hearing the actual story, rather than an interview on what their instagram is. It felt very personal and I could actually get to some meaningful questions about the artist’s life and how it affected their work. Overall, a very good time.


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