wk7 – art experience – video

So the video topic we focus on today was bullying. Although my acting skills may not show it, I’m very big against bullying. Being gay, all throughout my life I have had to deal with hateful comments that were meant to separate me from the “normal” kids that had deeper voices and liked playing with action figures instead of barbies. However, I was fortunate to grow up with an extremely supportive family and set of friends, which allowed me to bypass many troubles people face when coming out as gay. College, which may seem like a holy ground for being who you are, actually gave me more challenges as a gay man than before, because although it is true that love is more openly shown in college, so is hate. I have even had instances in the greek community where I have had to fight against open and direct oppression, but instead of letting that turn me away from the community, I am motivated now more than ever to fight for this great family system(greek) to be widely accepting and understanding. So.. To take away from all this, I believe that the actual worst thing a bully does to a person is not the physical pain one can inflict, but the change in person that occurs to the victim after. My hope is to alleviate that change after and lead by example in showing the world that being “you” is the best “you” you can be, and never be ashamed.


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