wk6 – Art experience – Art photowalk

Ok, I am going to talk about my photos starting from the top, going left to right.

This first photo was my favorite of the day, it was one of the few I took while at the pyramid and I kinda did it on a whim. I really enjoy how the colors are so close in hue yet the edges are defined enough where you can completely make out the pyramid. The changing colors in the sky also helps the contrast.

The fishes really caught my eye while in the Japanese garden, and after countless blurry photos I was able to catch a still picture and I really enjoy how it turned out.

This next photo is, in my eyes at least, really underrated in its beauty. The cement pathway is completely shaded on a hot day and a breeze almost always can be felt, making it a beautiful yet refreshing experience.

The two photos I took of the pond really didn’t do justice for the serenity that the japanese garden invokes. I took both a portrait and a landscape to see if there was a difference in the stability as mentioned in class. Personally I couldn’t see a difference, but I also am no where near even amateur in taking photos, so my opinion is kinda irrelevant.

The 2nd to last photo really caught my eye because of how the sunlight was coming through the pine needles.

My last photo I feel really epitomizes the lush green of LBSU. The photo is really well balanced and provides a plethora of changing view points and height. I also really like how the architecture contrasts the green enough to provide an almost human and nature balance feel

And a big thanks to Maddy Braverman for being a great tour guide!


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