wk5 – Artist interview

Kristi Jensen – Artist

Exhibition – Fuse: Joined to Form a Single Entity

Media – Copper, mostly uses copper because its cheap, she is a college student after all, and softer than other metals

no website

Insta – whipperton

Kristi went to 10 different elementary schools as a kid, holy smokes

background – started as a sculpture major but got into metal because it was easier to manipulate and has been working with metal for 2 years

In the metals and jewelry department at CSULB

Kristi loves cooking, reading, red wine, working with metal and hanging out with the husband

wants to explore art driven purely by the process

Formal analysis –

The work didn’t seem very cohesive, some art pieces seemed to fit in better than others, especially the art with sweeping lines that created a more “flowy” type of feel.

“I don’t do art talk”

Really delves into the basics of nature and incorporates those qualities into her work



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