Snapchat and Discussion – wk3 – Art Experience


Really enjoyed looking at all the cool art, especially the room that focused on life and death by Joshua Vasquez

  • Interview with Joshua Vasquez –
  • 5th year undergrad
  • Focuses on life and death
  • Seriously drawing for 2 years
  • In the drawing and painting program
  • Goals as an artist is to create artowrk
  • Art is the one and only option at school
  • To stop artist block you need to find other outlets, i.e painting then drawing, then sculpting etc..
  • Favorite medium – sharpie
  • The contradiction in life and death is what makes it so interesting
  • @joshybehir for insta


  • Interview with student, Molly –
  • Liked the exhibition with the dogs/stairs
  • Liked it because of the different mediums
  • Undeclared but going communications
  • Liked the idea of going communications
  • Junior/Sophomore
  • 2nd favorite was the skull exhibit
  • Would travel to Italy if could




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